AcademicTransfer organizes virtual events, for all members in the cooperation using the "International Suite".

The most important characteristics of virtual events are:

  • It is focused on a target group, like for instance Master’s students considering a PhD in the Netherlands
  • It is focused on one or more specific countries or scientific disciplines
  • It aims primarily on matchmaking between candidate CVs and research proposals, and delegates (often professors or faculty recruiters)
  • It offers a system to assess candidates' CVs and research proposals in advance
  • It offers a system to automatically schedule 20-minute interviews based on your and the candidates' agenda
  • It offers a virtual venue for conducting interviews and giving presentations and general information

What are delegates and supporting delegates?

Often, delegates are (assistant-, associate-, or full) professors, since the research proposals from the candidates have to be judged. Also, 1-on-1 interviews are all about going "in-depth" about the research ideas of the candidate. Sometimes, faculty recruiters or advisors from graduate schools act as a delegate. These delegates can be assisted by so-called supporting delegates. Often, faculty staff or HR employees, assisting the delegate with the pre-selection of candidates. Both delegates and supporting delegates can assess the same candidate database and see each other's preferences regarding candidate profiles.

The whole system is based on putting the delegates in the spotlight: they are the real persons to talk to during the interview. Only delegates have a personal profile page, of which are over 40 examples shown on this page from our China event 2020. And only delegates have the ability to invite candidates and schedule interviews.


  • you have the possibility to make appointments with candidates for one-on-one interviews and conduct the interviews during the event
  • we will create a profile page where candidates can study your offer and read more about your research and university
  • you are entitled to run presentations and webinars during the event
  • you have access to your universities venue booth
  • price is € 695 excluding vat per delegate

Supporting delegate

  • can only study the candidates' profiles to help the delegate making a selection but can not make appointments
  • will not have their own profile page
  • will also have access to your universities venue booth 
  • can assist delegates in interviewing candidates
  • price is € 125 excluding vat per supporting delegate

Your booth at the virtual venue

Each cluster of delegates from the same university or university medical center, share the same virtual booth. This is a place, where you can share brochures and information with the candidates. Also, one or more supporting delegates can be present in the virtual booth to answer general questions during the event. Furthermore, presentations can be hosted from within your booth. All 1-on-1 interviews can be held with up to 3 booth members and 1 candidate.

There is no additional fee for an organisation's booth, regardless of the number of delegates or supporting delegates. The virtual booth at the venue, during the event days, is sponsored by AcademicTransfer.

Pros and cons, our experiences

Doing a virtual event has some pro's and con's compared to more traditional live events. What we learned from past experiences and delegate evaluations is:

  • it is efficient to study CV's and proposals upfront
  • it is effective in pre-selecting the promising candidates
  • it is cost saving, not having to travel; it safes flights, hotels, and the live venue and booth
  • it is time effective; you schedule only the time slots that are convenient in your agenda with no travel times
  • your candidates are not limited to 1 city and it's nearby surroundings
  • the interviews are very calm and relaxed without distractions, both you and the candidate in their own safe "use to be" place;
    no background noise from colleague interviewers

But there are also some cons:

  • different time zones for you and the candidate can make scheduling times a challenge
  • you will miss the 'non verbal communication', the 'look in the eyes'
  • you will miss side-programs, often leading to unexpected networking and matchmaking

Do you have any suggestions for an event?

Events are relatively easy to set up, and can be targeted on specific countries, job types, or scientific disciplines. If you have ideas about setting up a virtual event for a specific target audience, please contact Jeroen Sparla, about the possibilities we can offer. If you have ideas about reaching out to the target audience, we have the technical means to do so!