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Choose your job posting

For every recruitment need, we have a suitable solution. Included in our standard job posting for € 679:

  • a job posting on AcademicTransfer for up to 28 days
  • a targeted email alert
  • a post on our Twitter channel with 12.000 followers
  • an employer branding page with short description of your organization
  • a job posting on EURAXESS provided that:
    • your vacancy is in English and
    • the job type is scientific or includes research, development or innovation

Reach more candidates with our Proactive, Proactive-Plus and SciencePlatform posting.

These are the prices as of January 1st 2023:


€ 729

Most popular



€ 829

Greater online reach



€ 929

Online & in newspaper

5 CV’s from candidate-database

*if available

Job statistics

In job posting and on employer branding page

Job extension

Till max. 60 days

Job on NRC Carrière


Vacancy ladder NRC weekend

Saturday newspaper

Advert NRC Weekend

1/16 in science annex Saturday newspaper


1 week on AcademicTransfer homepage & in email alert

€ 100€ 100
Publication period 60 days60 days60 days

Proactive posting

Let us do the work for you and pre-select the best candidates. We match your job with our candidate database and share the up to 5 best CV’s with you*. You also have the possibility to add a photo or video to your job posting or employer branding page, and you can view your job statistics daily. We will post your job on our platform for a maximum of 60 days.
*If available


Get everything that is included in our Proactive posting with one extra: a job advert on the online career page of newspaper NRC (NRC Carrière). Reach more highly educated candidates due to this collaboration.

SciencePlatform posting

This posting is also a collaboration with NRC. Your job will not only be placed online on NRC Carrière, but also in print in the ‘vacancy ladder’ in the newspaper NRC Weekend on Saturday and you will get a 1/16 advert in the science annex of this newspaper (see example). Also included are a Spotlight at the top of our homepage and in the email alerts for one week. We will post your job on our platform for a maximum of 60 days.

These are the vacancy conditions for a SciencePlatform posting:

  • level of education: at least university degree and
  • job type: scientific or research, development or innovation and
  • placement duration: at least 21 days


If you expect to post more than five vacancies on AcademicTransfer in the coming year, then we offer attractive volume discounts. We would be happy to advise you on which option offers the best value for your organisation.

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