AcademicTransfer is the platform for a career in research and academia in the Netherlands. For every researcher - from starter to senior - and in every sector. For over 20 years, AcademicTransfer has been filling vacancies at universities, university medical centres, research institutes, universities of applied science, governmental institutions and the industry.

Millions of highly educated researchers from around the world rely on our platform when looking for a job. Via AcademicTransfer, you'll find the highly educated talent you're looking for.

The cooperative

AcademicTransfer was founded in 1997 as an initiative of:

  • The UNL, the Association of Universities of The Netherlands
  • The NFU, the Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centres
  • The WVOI, the Employers' Association of Research Institutes

Initially, the goal was to increase the transparency of the academic job market – and to do this via a single shared website. The plan was successful: AcademicTransfer quickly expanded into the premier signboard for all academic and scientific vacancies in the Netherlands.

Since 2008, AcademicTransfer has been a cooperative association of Dutch knowledge institutions: the Dutch universities, university medical centres and research organisations NWO, KNAW and the KB.

We proudly represent the following organisations:

Mission & vision

Reaching the world's best scientists and academics and getting them interested in a career in the Netherlands: this is our mission. By presenting a united front to the job market, we strengthen the visibility and international position of Dutch science. This joint effort is the foundation on which AcademicTransfer is built and what makes us unique; no other country has adopted such an approach.

Our objective is to make the labor market transparant for researchers and to support them in taking new career steps. We firmly believe in establishing a long-term connection between talented (international) candidates and our members. We are committed to developing innovative tools and partnerships that help our members build lasting relationships and guide researchers in their career development. We strive to facilitate the transition from academia to other sectors when appropriate or desired.

Your membership

Do you work at a research university, university medical centre or one of the affiliated research organisations NWO, KNAW or KB? This means that your organisation is a member of the AcademicTransfer cooperative. What does this entail?