When searching for a job, candidates consider not only the position available but the employer – you – as well, along with the potential for career advancement and the organisational culture you're offering. In the current tight job market, a distinctive employer brand has become more vital than ever.

Strengthen your employer brand

Use your own employer story to appeal to candidates on AcademicTransfer. Share what it's like to work at your organisation via your very own employer page.

An employer page comes standard when you post a vacancy with us. If you're looking to make a lasting impression on your candidates, opt for a premium employer branding page for € 300.

Premium pages have a more attractive visual layout. They also offer the option of including images and a corporate video along with your text. Another advantage is that you can provide further details on a project or specific department. We have a short movie and demo pages to illustrate the possibilities.

Leave candidates with a positive impression of you as an employer while also providing them an opportunity to get to know your company better before they apply.

Get in touch with us today to strengthen your employer brand on AcademicTransfer.