When searching for a job, candidates consider not only the position available but the employer – you – as well, along with the potential for career advancement and the organisational culture you're offering. Does your organisation fit the candidate? In the current tight job market, a distinctive employer brand has become more vital than ever.

We are happy to help you make a lasting impression on scientific talent. Attract candidates with your employer story on AcademicTransfer. Describe what it’s like to work at your organisation, why it is a great place to work, and what a candidate can expect.

Premium Employer Storyboard

If you want to stay in the spotlight of our target audience all year round, then a premium Employer Storyboard is the best solution. This visually appealing webpage guarantees a boost for your brand.

Price per year: € 895


  • visible to our target audience all year round, even if you don't have a current job vacancy online
  • good visibility through Google
  • you can tell your full story with appealing visuals

What content is suitable for an Employer Storyboard?

  • Information about the organisation, values, and culture
  • What you have to offer candidates
  • Your unique selling points
  • Experiences and quotes from colleagues
  • Research themes
  • (Corporate) videos and images of colleagues and the workplace

Examples premium Employer Storyboard

Check out the storyboards of academic employers for inspiration.

Examples premium Employer Storyboard