Alternative programme PhD Workshop Mexico

Unfortunately, the PhD Workshop live event on the 24th of March is cancelled, due to the evolving COVID-19 health threat. You can no longer register for this event.

Free webinar

However, the internet leaves some great options open. We are happy to invite you for our free webinar on the 26th of March about doing a PhD in the Netherlands. You will learn more about doing a PhD, why you should do it in the Netherlands, Dutch universities and how to become a PhD candidate. Also, you will be able to ask all the questions you have. We will answer the most frequently asked questions live in the webinar and make sure to follow up on the others. The webinar will be in English.
Please note that this webinar is not a replacement for a one-on-one interview.

Important - log in on time!

The webinar turns out to be an unprecedented success! We have over 600 registrations. However, we only have room for 500 simultaneous participants. What does that mean for you?

  • We know from experience that almost 25% of the registered participants will not join the webinar. So it will probably be fine with 500 available slots;
  • Make sure you log in on time;
  • In case you fail to log in, because all slots are taken: try again a little later. Experience has shown that participants drop out during the webinar;
  • The webinar is recorded and will be shared with you afterward, so you can view it later.

Webinar details
Thursday 26th of March
16.30-18.00 PM, CET
09.30-11.00 AM, Mexican time (Mexico-City)
Language: English

Curious to find out more? Register now, it’s free!

Apply for an interview with our delegates

Although our delegates are not able to travel, they still have other options to set up interviews, such as Skype or telephone calls. Of course, this is a very different kind of experience than a face to face interview. We leave this option open, but it is up to the professors and recruiters to use this possibility. We cannot guarantee that our delegates will contact you.

This is what you should take into account if you want to be considered for an interview to become a PhD candidate in the Netherlands.

  • The interview is in English
  • Your English language skills should be sufficient, at least an overall score of 6 for IELTS or 83 for TOEFL.

This is what you should do

If you have already sent your proposal and CV to apply for an interview, you do not need to do anything. The delegates can review your profile and contact you for an interview as they wish.

If you are interested but have not applied for an interview yet:

  • Prepare a research proposal, written in English. The format is free.
  • Send your contact details, CV and research proposal via this scheduling tool before the 23rd of March. Note that the information in this tool is based on the live event and is not correct anymore. Unfortunately we are not able to change this, so please fill out your details and attach the required documents.

See you online on the 26th of March?

We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused and that we will not be able to meet you in person. But do not forget to register for the free webinar, we hope to see you then!