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Get in touch with Master's students from Latin America during our virtual PhD Workshop. The students can apply for a national scholarship to obtain a PhD in the Netherlands. This event is particularly interesting for Dutch professors, faculty recruiters and graduate schools.

Online event
It is an online event. The advantage is that students from different countries can participate! In this way we reach students from Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. The idea is the same as during a physical event: you can assess candidates' CVs and research proposals in advance and schedule video interviews for during the fair days. There will be a virtual exhibition floor, where you have an organisational stand and can have video calls with interested candidates. And all from home! Our experience shows that the interviews can be conducted very efficiently and calmly in this way, compared to the busy exhibition halls of a live event.

Dutch Embassy in Colombia
The Dutch Embassy in Colombia endorses this event, due to a state visit by the president from Colombia to the Netherlands later this year. This means that we have broad support and that it is an excellent opportunity to profile your Dutch university.

23-24 Apr

dates virtual event

€ 695

indication of the costs per person


interviews with PhD candidates

Programme & costs

  • Dates: 23 & 24 April 2021 from 15:00 to 19:00 CEST
  • Location: online
  • € 695 (excluding vat) per delegate
    € 125 (excluding vat) for a supporting delegate
    Free, if you registered for the canceled Colombia/Mexico 2020 event
  • Included: event planner tool to select candidates and plan interviews, a virtual stand on the fair days and video call facilities.

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You can participate in this event in the role of delegate or supporting delegate. For each delegate, we can support a maximum of 3 supporting delegates. We will create 1 venue booth to accommodate all the delegates and supporting delegates from the same organisation. Read more about the differences between the two roles:


  • you have the possibility to make appointments with candidates for one-on-one interviews and conduct the interviews during the event
  • we will create a profile page where candidates can study your offer and read more about your research and university
  • you are entitled to run presentations and webinars during the event
  • price is € 695 excluding vat per delegate

Supporting delegate

  • can only study the candidates' profiles to help the delegate making a selection but can not make appointments
  • will not have their own profile page
  • will have access to your universities venue booth 
  • can assist delegates in interviewing candidates
  • price is € 125 excluding vat per supporting delegate

There is no additional fee for an organisation's booth, regardless of the number of delegates or supporting delegates. This is sponsored by AcademicTransfer.

Register via the form below to participate as (supporting) delegate in this virtual PhD workshop. The registration deadline is 12 April, although we strongly advise you to register as soon as possible. Both delegates and candidates need sufficient time to review each other's information, CV's and research proposals and plan the interviews.

Email us at for more information. Group registration is not possible. Each delegate has to fill in the form.

Are you a Master's student and want to register for this event? Go to: for more information and registration for candidates.

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