PhD Workshop 24 March cancelled!

Unfortunately, the PhD Workshop on 24 March is cancelled in order to prevent further spread of the Coronavirus. You can no longer register for this event or make appointments with our delegates.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is represented by Sylvia van Glabbeek of the VU International Office and Professor Peter Peverelli of the School of Business and Economics.

We would like to invite all interested PhD students from Colombia and Mexico to apply for one of our PhD programmes in one of our 9 faculties.

Scholarship funded PhDs

We have recently signed a renewed agreement with Colfuturo in Colombia and Educafin and FUned in Mexico for PhD scholarship provision and we advise all interested candidates to get informed about the possibilities of joint funding schemes between these agencies and the VU.

Research assistant PhDs

Every year we hire several hundred PhD candidates as junior research assistants. For a complete list of current vacancies please check You can also discuss these opportunities with our representatives at the respective PhD fair.

Below you will find more information about the PhD at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

PhD at VU

At Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam), we provide three or four year research intensive PhD programs, or part time PhD programs with a duration above four years, organized in graduate schools of nine VU Amsterdam faculties (Faculty of Religion and Theology, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Behavioral and Movement Sciences, Medical Faculty, Faculty of Dentistry-ACTA and School of Business and Economics). We expect our doctoral graduates to become internationally engaged scientists with transferable skills and opportunities to plan a career in or outside academia.

We offer customized training and supervision with a strong emphasis on the development of research as well as professional skills such as the ability to work in teams and collaborate. In short, we wish to develop engaged and responsible academics and future professionals who constantly explore and push back the boundaries of existing knowledge. Our doctorates are internationally-oriented, multi and interdisciplinary, curiosity and results driven, creating an impact in science, society and economy.

Image 1 and 2: Introduction 2018 and 2019

An inspiring, diverse and caring university

We currently host around 2700 doctoral candidates from all over the World. 50% our total PhD candidate population are international. We take great pride in fostering and nurturing cultural diversity and stimulating integration in joint learning processes. Our VU International Office helps you with the visa application process and in finding relevant accommodation for you or your family.

We offer welcome and introduction modules for all new PhD candidates (see Image 1 and Image 2) and a bridging program to improve research, methodological and academic English writing skills prior to the official commencement of the program.

We believe in intensive research, transferable and disciplinary skills training throughout your PhD trajectory and offer a variety of courses, including courses in our summer and winter graduate schools.

Image 3 and 4: VU PhD Gatherings: Soccer - World championship, PhDrinks, pizza and Pubquiz.

Each PhD candidate also has an opportunity to participate in extensive career training which is conducted online or via ‘’Career Thursdays’’ workshops.

Upon registration, PhD candidates become a part of the PhD Association of the VU-VU PHD Gatherings. The association is very active, organizing diverse events each month from open discussions on doctoral education affairs with stakeholders to fun social events and group activities (see Images 3 and 4).

Further information and contacts

For more information about our doctoral programs and all relevant information please download the PhD Brochure 2020 or check our website You can also always email Sandra Hasanefendic, PhD (Director International PhD Recruitment, marketing and promotion) at for expression of interest and personal support in the process of application.

Come and meet us

If you would like to discuss the opportunity of doing a PhD at the VU Amsterdam please feel free to make an appointment or send an e-mail.
We are also open for possibilities of double and joined PhD degrees.

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