PhD Workshop 24 March cancelled!

Unfortunately, the PhD Workshop on 24 March is cancelled in order to prevent further spread of the Coronavirus. You can no longer register for this event or make appointments with our delegates.

Erasmus University Rotterdam is represented by Isabelle Fabbricotti, Associate Professor of Health Services Management and Organization.
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What are we looking for?

We are looking for excellent graduates who aspire to do a PhD research at Erasmus School of Health Policy and Management at Erasmus University Rotterdam. We are searching for PhD-students with expertise and an interest in improving the management and organization of healthcare through integrated care arrangements, inspection, and quality monitoring of care. Research in the organization of care for older adults, and rural healthcare also has our strong focus. You will be part of our research staff and combine our theoretical and practical knowledge with empirical work in Colombia. A Master in management, organizational sciences or governance is a pre-requisite as well as excellent writing skills in English, and verbal mastering of the English language.

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Erasmus University Rotterdam is an internationally respected, innovative and vibrant university that is driven to make an active contribution to society. We integrate high-quality academic research into our challenging and inspiring research programs, Bachelor, Master, PhD and executive programs. Helping students and staff develop into critical-minded world citizens is central to our vision. Our research and education stimulates to think further than assumptions: to explore other perspectives, search for new solutions and discover different insights.


Internationalization is one of the major forces spearheading Erasmus University Rotterdam’s continual drive towards excellence. This is reflected in the number of international staff-members, and English-taught, accredited degree programs that attract more and more international students and researchers each year, and also in the increasing number of joint educational and research programs with prominent international partner universities.

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Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management

Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management (ESHPM), part of Erasmus University Rotterdam, engages in education and research with a multidisciplinary focus on policy and management topics in healthcare. By combining education, scientific excellence, policy and practical relevance, ESHPM provides insight into how healthcare and healthcare systems work and how they can be improved.

Scientific excellence with a strong societal orientation and impact

ESHPM’s research has a strong societal orientation and is deeply embedded in international research networks. Knowledge and experiences of various scientific disciplines such as economics, law, sociomedical sciences, organizational science and public administration are brought together and applied to the healthcare sector. Our renowned scientists publish new research on a daily basis. Their results touch and inspire people. Their research provides new insights that change the face of healthcare in the Netherlands and beyond.

Health Services Management & Organization

The research group Health Services Management & Organization is responsible for education and research on management and innovation in healthcare. Our aim is to improve the management and organisation of health services in order to provide the best value for patients/clients and professionals in healthcare.

Research of HSMO covers the full width of the healthcare sector, from hospital care to elderly care, care for people with disabilities, mental health care, youth care and primary care. To a large extent, our research is carried out on the organization of the primary process of care delivery, both within and across organizations. For example, the research group has been closely involved in the evaluation of several integrated care initiatives in chains or networks.


Young ESHPM (yESHPM) is the PhD community of ESHPM. Our goal is to create a space for PhD candidates from different sections to meet and interact. Through organizing regular activities, yESHPM functions as a platform for sharing experiences, difficulties, and questions related to being a PhD candidate at ESHPM. We discuss general affairs concerning PhD projects and the PhD trajectory with the management team of ESHPM. The board of yESHPM consists of representatives from the different sections at ESHPM.

Erasmus Graduate School of Social Sciences and the

ESHPM is part of EGSH. Once you have started your PhD you automatically become a member of our graduate school. Doing a PhD is not just about doing research. At the Graduate School you will also follow courses and workshops to enhance your research and networking skills. Our experience has shown that a good start is crucial to the successful completion of any PhD project. Therefore, the Graduate School has several services to accommodate to the needs of starting PhD candidates, for example a soft landing programme.

Rotterdam Global Health Initiative

You will also become a member of the Rotterdam Global Health Initiative (RGHI). This is the multi-disciplinary global health research and education network of Erasmus University and Erasmus MC. Through our research and education efforts, we seek to help diminish health inequalities between and within countries, improve people’s living conditions, and contribute to more effective and equitable healthcare of good quality worldwide. By working with partners worldwide and locally, we strengthen evidence-based policy making and practice while broadening the evidence base by learning from practitioners and policy makers.

Video’s about Erasmus University & Rotterdam

For more information about Rotterdam we have linked a Promotional movie Rotterdam and Rotterdam: Make It Happen about Rotterdam for you.

And about Erasmus University Rotterdam, you will find a few inspiring embedded video’s below.

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