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In the heart of the target audience

Via AcademicTransfer you’ll find the highly educated talent you’re looking for. 95% of our visitors hold a degree from a research university. On average, each job vacancy posted yields ten qualified candidates. Looking for academics? Reach the heart of your target audience and post your job on our platform.

National & international reach

Academics and researchers all over the world are searching for their new job on AcademicTransfer. Last year we’ve reached visitors from every nation around the world. Half of our website visitors is international. With a job posting on AcademicTransfer you’ll reach highly educated candidates worldwide!

Years of experience

AcademicTransfer has more than 20 years of experience with recruiting academics. Since 1997 it is our mission to reach out to and attract researchers to pursue their career in science in the Netherlands. We became a household name in the academic world. Candidates who wish to pursue a career in science in the Netherlands know where to find us. In these 20 years we've also amassed a wealth of knowledge about recruitment, job market communication and the recruiting process in general. Your job posting is in good hands with us.