The success of webinars

Published1 Apr ’22

A smart way of providing candidates with career tips.

Candidates use AcademicTransfer to find and apply for academic jobs. It's our job to make their search process run as smoothly as possible. We do this by offering as much information as possible around a job and by giving tips about an academic career.

For several years we have shared these career tips in our blogs. Since several years we added live webinars to our services. It's a big success!

Live webinars

Every few months our colleagues host a webinar for job seekers. Candidates from all over the world are joining our online presentations. We try to make the webinar as interactive as possible and give the participants the opportunity to ask questions.

We hosted webinars about doing a PhD in the Netherlands and application tips: How to write an academic CV and cover letter? We also broadcast webinars on how to use LinkedIn as an academic.

Curious? We post all webinar recordings on AcademicTransfer: Feel free to watch and share them! Want to suggest a topic for one of our future webinars? Mail us at

Are you member of the cooperative AcademicTransfer and looking for a workshop or other contribution to a career day? Do not hesitate to contact us.