Podcast: Labor Market 2030

"Arbeidsmarkt 2030" (Labor Market 2030) is a Dutch podcast in which we discuss trends and visions about the future of the labor market and their significance for (young) researchers.

The podcast may interest HR managers, policymakers, and recruiters who work in the field of science, as well as scientists and researchers.

Note that this podcast is in Dutch only.

Episodes Podcast Labor Market 2030

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The growth in the number of female professors at Dutch universities is slowing down. In this episode, we delve into this alarming trend and discuss the reality of gender inequality in the academic world. From the stagnation of growth to the rejected law on supervision for equal opportunities. Are traditional measures exhausted? Are disruptive changes necessary? Discover how our guests look at workable and successful solutions.


Episode 2: Myths vs. Reality: Generational Differences

We delve into the intriguing topic of generational differences, which often paints Baby boomers as materialistic, Generation X as cynical, and Millennials as prone to burnout. But is this generational thinking accurate? Tune in via the provided link to find out.


  • Wouter Vandenabeele: Associate Professor of HRM at Utrecht University and a distinguished visiting professor at the Catholic University of Leuven.
  • Sanne Ponsioen: Policy Advisor Strategy and Impact at the Graduate Schools of the University of Groningen.

Episode 1: Can we talk about work?

The first episode of this podcast series features guests Marjolein ten Hoonte, Director of Labor Market and Societal Impact at Randstad Services, and Anneke Kastelein, a PhD student at Leiden University Medical Center and Chair of PNN. Audrey Peters interviewed them about how we can support young researchers in their transition to other sectors of the labor market. Listen now via the link.

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Episode 3: AcademicTransfer Benchmark - all vacancy data in one clear dashboard

Data - everybody talks about it. In the case of recruitment, data is becoming more important as well. But where do you find the data and how can you use it?

In this episode we talk about the AcademicTransfer Benchmark, a tool to view all data of the vacancies on AcademicTransfer in one clear and simple dashboard. We interview two users of the tool: Julma Braat (TU/e) and Mark Baas (EUR). Only available in Dutch.

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Episode 5: Virtual International Recruitment Events

This episode is about recruiting international scientists during a recruitment event.

Before corona, we traveled all over the world to represent the Netherlands and bring professors into contact with top candidates. Corona changed everything and AcademicTransfer has been organizing online recruitment events ever since. Tim Zwaagstra, Senior Policy Adviser Southeast Asia, at University of Groningen and Jeroen Sparla, managing director at AcademicTransfer talk about the pros and cons of online events.

Episode 6: Further development community

Attracting new talent is a challenge due to the current labor shortage, but within academia the exit of PhD's and postdocs also needs extra attention. In this podcast, you will learn how AcademicTransfer developed strategies for both sides of the coin at the request of its members. Two guests: Lutgarde Buydens, professor of Chemistry and former dean of the Faculty of Sciences at the Radboud University of Nijmegen and Selma de Ridder, manager of the Talent & Development team at TU Delft.