How to stay in touch with your remote employees

Published6 May ’20

Now working remotely is the standard, everyone is looking for ways to stay in touch. To inspire you we share some great initiatives to connect.

A large part of the Dutch workforce has been working remotely since mid March and during the last press conference the message was clear. Things are heading in the right direction, but we still have a long way to go. Although the primary schools will start again next week, working from home will still be the standard for now. But how can you stay in touch with your employees and support them during this extraordinary work situation?

We have seen many examples of our member organisations and some initiatives stand out. Because of their positivity, a nice message or the personal tone. We gladly share them with you. To inspire and encourage you!

Online magazine

TU Delft has published an online magazine for their employees containing articles and columns of employees. Stories about the extra IT workforce, setting up online classes and special attention for recruitment, also during the coronacrisis.

Well-being before everything else

The Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB) supports its employees with a reassuring message: well-being before everything else. It is a story, in Dutch, with a personal introduction of the HR manager. About workload, lack of work, balance and other worries. Universiteit Leiden also gives special attention to their employees’ well-being, under the heading Healthy university @Home. This section is packed with practical tips for their employees’ personal life. For exercise, good nutrition, keeping contact with others and effective working with children at home.


Another initiative that oozes a sense of togetherness, is the nice reporting from the Universiteit Utrecht. With the hashtag #UUGotThis, employees and students share their stories from different angles. Inspirational and fun to read.

Video at the Erasmus University

Video is also a very suitable way to share the stories of employees and students, which is demonstrated by the Erasmus University. Erasmus TV broadcasts a live interview with board members, employees and students three times a week during the coronacrisis. About workload, selecting a study programme when the campus is closed or Olympic dreams that have to be postponed.

Radboudumc and Radboud University join forces

Radboudumc and Radboud University join forces, resulting in the platform You have a part to play. They have started a crowdfunding campaign for health care and research. And you can share your ideas using #kraakdecrisis. Also, special attention is given to the latest research and you will find quarantaine classes and background articles.

Radio, chat box and magazines

Radio, chat box and magazines; these initiatives of TU Eindhoven are definitely worth sharing. Besides an online magazine, a print magazine was also created. The magazine TUeStaysHome arrived at every employee and student’s door, something to read from paper. Also, the university has set up their own Community Radio to keep their sense of community alive. And, another eye-catcher, a real chat box Hear me TU/e that is available for a couple of hours daily for advice, letting off steam or just a heart to heart (video) chat.

Universities at #connectuniversitiesNL

The hashtag #connectuniversitiesNL is being used by the universities. All sorts of information is shared under this hashtag, mainly via Twitter. such as tips for online education, podcasts on research, webinars and interviews with students.

Virtual coffee

And what are we doing to keep the team spirit alive? We are just a small team, so we have short communication lines. We have a daily Virtual Coffee moment. Everyone working, joins in a couple of times per week. And the monthly drinks are digital. These moments are valuable. We talk about work, but also about expectations of the next press conference or frustrations because of a bad WiFi network at home. In short, the small talk among colleagues at the coffee machine.

Do you have a good example?

And what do you do? Do you have a good example that you would like to share? Let us know!